• Don't wanna make you feel old but I just wanna tell you that you were my original inspiration to paint. That's a big deal! well at least it is for me........and no doubt loads of other kids who watched you paint on TV all those years ago. I really want to thank you very much, I may not be the most successful artist in the world but you aroused my artistic passion which has been a friend to me ever since. At the end of the day that's much better than commercial "success". Here's to you Rolf. Martin D

    Martin Davis

  • Hi Rolf My wife Jenny and i are great collectors of your work and have now just collected our 10th print.We had some mounted fromt he Limited edition Book and have ended up with a Rolfaroo called ROLF HAGGISS its so funny do you remember drawing this one? Our collection is Battersea powerstation in the fog,tiger on the prowl,tiger leaving the jungle,winter willow,ghost gum and spinafex, first Love ,Boy with dog,rainy day at penge,albert memorial and of course our rolfaroo. Your paintings give us so much enjoyment and are like windows into other worlds at different times in our life of 40 years together.Thanks Rolf Simon and Jennifer

    Mr Simon Cadman

  • Rolf - I am a relative new-comer to the UK. I've only been here 56 years. I first became acquainted with you at the Down Under Club. What happy days they were. Many of your songs are still in my memory -'Click Go the Shears, Boys', 'The Wild Colonial Boy', 'Down Covent Garden Way, Down Below', 'How Much is the Doggie in the Window....... ich hoffe es ist nicht verkauft ... or would you prefer nice clean ....' A few years back, I visited the Land of Oz with my wife. While we were in Albury NSW we called on a dear friend of mine, Les Sobey, who used to accompany me to Fulham Broadway. Les and his wife took us up to Buffalo and while we were half way up the mountain, to the hilarious amusement of others around us, we burst into singing The Wild Colonial Boy with actions and the mispronunciation of 'wound' to rhyme with 'ground'. Rolf - I could possibly buy a copy of your Portrait of London (signed copy if you please). I have applied for an invitation to attend the Mayfair launch on 30th June. I hope to see you there. Regards [Jack Doogan] - sorry, Ron Medlow

    Ron Medlow

  • A MASSIVE fan of Rolf and his work, both as an entertainer and an artist. I had the pleasure to meet Rolf last year after his concert in Nottingham - and what a truly lovely man. It will be my birthday weekend at 'Gallery 3' so what better way to celebrate than to come and see a legend..... Might even bring my didgeridoo!!

    Dean Murray

  • STORY ABOUT YOUR PARENTS! Hi Rolf, I watched you recently on "Today Show" on Australian TV. I was so moved to hear you share that you only wish your parents were here to see you receive this Honor from the Queen. Can I share a story? In the 1970's my parents owned a small Motel in Milton - a little country/seaside town near Ulludulla in NSW. Your parents were on a road trip and stayed at my mum and dads Motel for the night. I remember my Dad telling me, that as your mum and dad shared with them all the wonderful things you had achieved, the thing that stood out the most to him was how proud of you they were. I do hope this story blesses you Rolf. Your mum and Dad were special people. Kind Regards Louise - Wollongong NSW

    Louise Doughton

  • hi Rolf just want to say how much i enjoyed the jubilee art show it was by far the best art show on tv for ages and has inspired me to get back into art we need you more on tv thanks and regards

    george alexander

  • Hello, just visited your excellent exhibition here at the Walker in Liverpool. I've grown up watching you on the telly and it's been lovely and special to show my two boys your work. Hopefully it will inspire them. I would highly recommend anyone to visit us here in Liverpool. A huge thank you to you Rolf for choosing to exhibit your work here. It means a lot. You are a wonderful man. Thankyou sincerely again. Ps you really bring art to the 'everyman'

    Marie Boner

  • Thanks for all you did to make the Jubilee celebration a memorable event. On behalf of right thinking people i can only apologise for the way you were treated over 2 little boys at tje concert. For me you , robbie williams and madness (including thier lightshow) werethe highlights of the show. I hope that the Queen recognises you. Then TV art show was great and the picture you created really caught the feel of coronation day. I also enjoyed your frank interview with Piers Morgan. I, like you tend to drive myself on sometimes to the exclusion of those I should not exclude...but we are only human..and as such are not perfect. Good wishes for the future and thank you for all the pleasure you have given me over the years.

    tony sutton

  • I was very lucky to have met Mr Harris when I was 5yrs old. I was at a garden fete and he spotted me sitting on my Grandpa's shoulders. He called us over and drew me a cartoon picture of himself and signed it! Mr Harris is such a lovely man I wanted to say thank you for such fond memories. I have treasured my picture for 40yrs I now live near Liverpool and will be visiting his exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.

    vicki christie

  • Dear Rolf Just took some time off work to visit your collection of work in the Walker in Liverpool. I paint a little, less then I would like to due to children and work. I was struck by your challenge to make time, not leave it till I retire, thanks for that encouragement. I loved the paintings in particular the ones of Australia. I enjoyed Rolf on Art and seeing the paintings from the series was a treat. However, I have to be honest and say I enjoyed the more expressive ones that came out of your passion for what you observe or your memories of past places. They have a freedom in the strokes and love for colour that I struggle to release when I paint. Thank you so much for allowing us to see this insight into your life and work, I can’t help feeling that one day you will be remembered as a great Australian artist that people vaguely remember did something on TV and sung a bit. Paul

    Paul Lewis

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